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I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN - robot voices and wicked awesome naps

Ain't nothin' better.

Box fan, Sunday afternoon, and a big fat glorious nap.

Crank that bad boy up right next to the bed and I am off to nap nirvana.

But don't think fans are just for that sweet, sweet mid-day escape. Oh no. This little dandy can save you some serious cash too.

Did you know that running a central AC system typically gobbles up 20-30% of your electricity bill? That's quite a hunk of change! When many of us are paying $150-$200/month for electricity, finding a way to cut those costs would be great, but who really wants to trade-in their comfort when cool AC feels so good ?

Try one of these options, along with adjusting your thermostat, to cash in on some long-term savings:

These can range from $40 to a few hundred, depending on your taste. Installation can be super simple or a pain-in-the-butt - it depends on the ceiling fan, ceiling height, wiring, etc. But just circulating the air in the room can make you feel 3-5 degrees cooler, and can cost nearly 5X less than running your AC just a couple degrees colder.

This is a pretty straight-forward project, and can take 1-3 hours. Before taking on a project like this, though, be sure you have an electrical box that is rated to support a ceiling fan, and that you are able to decipher the wiring in the electrical box. If you're unsure about taking on a DIY project like this, using a COACH to help you get started could be a great resource. In about an hour, your COACH can tell you everything you need to know to take it on.

Buy a box fan: Sometimes the best answers are the simplest ones. For less than $50, a simple box fan can achieve the same results as a ceiling fan, without the DIY project. The box fan uses slightly more energy than the ceiling fan, but it also moves more air, and in a more concentrated direction.

Not to mention, you get the benefit of white noise, portability, and the entertainment of using it to talk like a robot to your pet (or yourself... no judgment).

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