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WHO NEEDS A COACH... oh wait, me!

I understand, trust me, I've got an ego too.

I refuse to ask for help too.

I hate asking for directions.

I'll spend an hour on YOUTUBE instead of calling a friend who already knows the answer.

"I'll figure it out myself... even if it takes all day!"

So I get it. Why would you hire Fixer Upper Coach to help with your repair or renovation?

Some thoughts for you to consider:

1. Look like a Pro. Professional athletes who are at the top of their game, still walk onto the field along-side their coaches... and assistant coaches... and assistant coaches assistants. Seems to me that if PROS who are already performing better than 99% of the world population see value in having a Coach, there may be some value in it that you're missing. Coaches bring out your best!

2. Accountability. Somehow those weekend projects never quite take a weekend, do they? Maybe it's because you underestimated the time it actually takes to renovate a space. Maybe your spouse added a few more weekend activities on that needed to be fit into the time you thought you would be renovating. Either way, having a Coach to help layout and keep you on schedule is priceless for getting your project done fast. Keeping you focused is key!

3. Save Money. I know it sounds counterintuitive to pay a Coach to help you DIY, right? The whole idea of DIY is to not spend so much money! But when you consider the costs of extra material, lost time, extra trips to the store, returns for wrong purchases, buying things at retail, etc, you will find a Coach can save you lots of money on material alone.

4. Value yourself and your time! Somehow people forget what their time is worth when it comes to renovations. Your time is valuable. You could be spending it with family, making extra money, or actually taking a break! Hiring a Coach will GUARANTEE you will get your project done faster than you would have going it alone or just figuring it out as your went. Coaches know your time is valuable!

There's a million reasons to HIRE A COACH, and we'll keep 'em coming. Just remember WE HELP YOU DO MORE!

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